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Category & Criteria

Category & Criteria


  • Fill in the application form and meticulously provide all needed information (participants shall be contacted through using registered information)
  • Provide required data and documents to verify accuracy of data in application form.
  • Winners of previous year Entrepreneurship Award CANNOT participate in the same award c​ategory in following award. However, the supporting organisations can participate provided they have developed/improved existing or new initiatives /processes/service to support SMEs.
  • Submit completed documents. Drafts and models of an unimplemented business and service initiatives will not be accepted; this condition does apply for best business idea category.
  • Participation in two main categories is permitted, under the condition that a maximum of one sub category under each main category will be eligible.
  • Applicants for the Awards have to confirm acceptance of rules, conditions and standards that control the Awards through completed registration.
  • Applicants have to provide real proofs, practical examples, new digital statistics and supporting documents.
  • Applicants have to provide required documents in a clear and organised manner; and any method other than that would be excluded without prior notice.
  • The Awards committee is not obliged to accept applications, their contents or preserving them.
  • Registration must be completed and presented as electronic documents as per standards of each category of the award. Please review procedures mentioned in the Participants’ Guide.
  • Intellectual property rights must be respected. Applicants who do not adhere to those rights shall be penalised.
  • Once the registration period is over, all incomplete applications/ applications registered in an inappropriate category or do not fit within the award's conditions shall be excluded without prior notice.
  • Based on the recommendations of the Jury committee, The Awards committee has the right to withhold or withdraw the award in any category if submitted documents violate the award' rules.
  • The resolution of the Jury committee is final and independent​.

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