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HE Talal Bin Sulaiman AL Rahbi
The award is another significant  addition to support entrepreneurship in the Sultanate and was implemented in accordance with the approved time plan and with the participation of a regional and international Jury committee.
Tariq bin Sulaiman AL Farsi
The award was built based on quality and excellence standards aligned with high international standards in entrepreneurship.
Hatim AL Taai
We are driven by the idea of initiatives, which is committed to initiating comprehensive development
Khalifa AL Abri
“We are all responsible for creating a suitable enabling environment for our youth to enhance creativity which will contribute to our country economy’
Dr Mohammed Buheji
‘What distinguishes this award, is that it is accompanied with a programme to look into how to improve candidates’ business’
Talal AL Mamari
‘Maximising  Entrepreneurs benefits in the Sultanate is the main aim for the partnership between the Entrepreneurship Award and Omantel Award’.
Andrew Fiddaman
‘Riyada has done an incredible job, to put together this award programme. 581 people in the Sultanate applied for this award in their first year’
Khaula Al Harthy
Joining efforts and collaboration is significant to create a good environment for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs because it’s an investment  in our youth  which is an investment  in the country
Dr. Najah AL Abdulsalam
Love your work and be and you will  achieve your goal with God blessings
Nadia Maqbool
The Award gave us an opportunity to reflect on our business strategy, identify our areas for improvement, & highlight
on our strengths as thinkers and innovators in architecture
Nabil Al Shukili
I sincerely invite my brothers and sisters Entrepreneurs to compete in this award to Programme
Khalid Al Habsi
I learnt patience perseverance and self-development, to reach what I have become
Omer AL Abri
Planning is the title of successful management and clear goals that illuminate the road. Strive to serve the community through innovation and you will succeed